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Travis Kelce is feeling 2024 Valentine’s Day pressure

The NFL star is planning his first Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.
As the romantic holiday gets closer, Travis, 34, and his brother Jason, 36, discussed gift options on this week’s edition of their New Heights podcast.
The NFL siblings named Etsy the “real MVP” for revealing game-winning Valentine’s Day presents.
“Whether you are feeling stressed because of Valentine’s Day like Jason [Kelce] and me or trying to figure out the proper present for someone you love, Etsy is a wonderful choice.

Travis Kelce says money is no problem when it comes to buying presents for girlfriend Taylor Swift.

New Heights Merch is a great option for adding that special touch,” Travis added, highlighting the e-commerce store New Heights Merch experience in handcrafted and vintage products.

Travis Kelce Is Feeling the Valentine‚Äôs Day ‚ÄėPressure‚Äô

Jason, who is also shopping for his wife Kylie, joked about his last-minute buying behaviors, revealing that he often chooses the same chocolates, flowers, and cards.
Travis laughed. “Ooh, that’s adorable.” “Oh my goodness, chocolate and flowers?”

Travis has gone all out when it comes to gifting presents to the Love Story diva since they started dating in the summer. Choose fashionable clothing as well Travis Kelce Big Yeti Shirt.

According to a prior source, “money is no object” for Travis to celebrate Swift’s birthday.
Romantic Commitments Among Busy Schedules

According to sources, the superstars look to be very committed to their jobs, so their busy times might get in the way.

Speaking with the American outlet, a source revealed Kelce and Taylor’s intentions for the romantic on a few occasions, stating, “They both plan to be with each other on Valentine’s Day,” adding, They have no idea if it will be overseas or in America.”¬†

Travis and Taylor’s Big Game Wish: Facing Struggles in Their Love Tale

Travis Kelce Is Feeling the Valentine’s Day Pressure

A source close to the ‘loved-up’ pair added, “Some pieces have to fall into place, and if one of those pieces is Kansas City making the Super Bowl,”

Nonetheless, the insider commented on the potential of the Kansas City Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl. 

According to the insider, if that happens, Swift would go to any lengths to attend the event with her partner. According to the Daily Mail, she would have started the Australian leg of the Eras Tour at that point.

‚ÄúThough it would be extremely tiring, she plans to come back for the Super Bowl for him if he is in the game,‚ÄĚ the insider told the outlet.

“They have some ideas on what they will be doing,” the insider said before concluding, “but it will all figure itself out once Kansas City is either in the Super Bowl or not

According to the Daily Mail, the globe is filled with expectation as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, an engaging pair, prepare to spend Valentine’s Day together.

The lovebirds’ active business lives could risk their romantic meeting.

An unknown insider, speaking with the American outlet, revealed the couple’s plans for the romantic occasion, saying, “They both plan to be with each other on Valentine’s Day” and adding, They do not have any idea if it will be outside or in America.

The insider pointed to the couple’s reservations over the location of their celebration, given their demanding schedules.

A source close to the “loved-up” couple continued, “Some pieces have to fall into place, and if one of those pieces is Kansas City making the Super Bowl,” The insider discussed the probable impact of Kelce’s job responsibilities on their Valentine’s Day plans.

Despite the unknown, the source commented on the potential of Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, to reach the Super Bowl. If it does, Swift is reportedly willing to go above and beyond to be by her beau’s side for the big game.

However, the insider noted Swift’s tough schedule, especially since the Australian leg of her Eras Tour begins around the same time.

Though it would be extremely difficult, she plans to come back for the Super Bowl for him if he is in the game, according to a source. As fans await more information, the insider said that the couple has tentative plans for their Valentine’s Day party, but much depends on the fate of the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff run.

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