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NEW Heights Podcast: Elevate Your Knowledge and Inspiration

Among the several, “New Heights Podcast” became known as a striking sensation. It has a dedicated audience because of its vibrant characters and fascinating content. As a result, it encourages the audience and gets them to try to achieve more and be better. It gives the listeners the tools and drive to enhance their quality of life.

They provide it via intelligent talks, expert interviews, and the podcast’s actual life success stories, with millions of people listening to their favorite episodes every week. This particular program frequently draws large audiences, as it is hosted by NFL players Travis and Jason Kelce in the show “New Heights. ” The podcast, launched in 2022, is increasing in popularity because of its unique combination of humor, sports, and celebrity interviews.

New Heights Podcast

The Rise of “New Heights”

The New Heights podcast has become a wanted item among advertisers, with large companies competing for year-long contracts for $2 million to $4 million. The attractiveness of identifying with the Kelce brothers’ program has been increased by Travis’ high-profile affair with Taylor Swift, which has rocketed the podcast to exceptional heights, with nearly $100 million worth.

History and Background of the New Heights Podcast

Inception and Concept.

NFL athletes Travis and Jason Kelce’s mutual passion for humor, sports, and storytelling inspired the creation of the New Heights podcast. The idea was straightforward. Develop a show that would allow them to share their distinct opinions and experiences with a larger audience.

Early Days and Milestones

The podcast began in the summer of 2022 when Wave Sports + Entertainment (WSE) approached the Kelce brothers with the idea for a show. The brothers started recording episodes in September 2022. The first one aired on September 8, 2022.

Unique Format and Celebrity Guests

The podcast’s unusual style, in which the brothers record remotely via an ongoing group text thread, allows them to keep their signature comedy and banter while addressing a wide range of topics. The show has also included a variety of known guests, including NFL players, musicians, and actresses.

Memorable Episodes and Live Shows

Some outstanding episodes included the debut of comedian and actor Andrew Santino, who told stories about his crazy Vegas golf excursion with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. The podcast has also included live concerts, such as a sold-out event in Kansas City, where the brothers welcomed a throng of fans and special guests like Patrick Mahomes.

Podcast Deals and Collaborations

The New Heights podcast has achieved many essential partnerships and collaborations that add to its earnings. “New Heights Podcast” has some cool deals with big brands that want to help people be better. They work together to give listeners good stuff. Sometimes they also team up with other groups to make things even cooler.

New Heights Podcast Merchandise Offerings

If yes, then there is fancy New Heights Podcast Merch that you might want to be placed around your vicinity to hint at your “New Heights” obsession! They are involved in the sale of t-shirts, caps, and other related articles bearing the company New Heights podcast. The products are fun to make people become fans of the podcast and wear chic designs at the same time.

Revenue Generation

“New Heights” makes money in a few ways. They get paid to put ads in their episodes, like when you hear someone talk about a product. They also sell their stuff, like New Heights shirts and hats. Sometimes, fans also help out by giving money to support the podcast.

New Heights Podcast

Ways to Watch and Listen New Heights Podcast

The New Heights podcast is available on various platforms, allowing listeners to access the show from anywhere. Here are the ways to watch and listen:


The podcast is also available on Audible, where listeners can access episodes and enjoy exclusive content.

Youtube of New Heights Podcast

The podcast has its own YouTube account, where listeners may see episodes and unique content.

Official Website

The podcast’s official New Heights Podcast website contains episodes. The podcast transcripts, and other special stuff.

Podcast Platforms

The podcast is available on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, the music streaming service Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Social Media

The podcast updates listeners on new episodes and content using social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Exclusive Content and Episodes

Fans may expect unique content and episodes on the podcast, including:

Live performances

The podcast occasionally hosts live performances that are streamed on YouTube and other platforms.

Special Guests

The podcast contains special guests, such as comedian and actor Andrew Santino, who offer their unique viewpoints and experiences.

Social Community of New Heights Podcast

Community involvement and the fan base are some of the most important engagement factors that should be fostered by a brand. The above-listed show, “New Heights,” is centered around the concept of engaging with the community and having fans present.

The official accounts of the show and the show’s hosts, Jason and Travis Kelce, can be active on various forms of social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, among others. In response to fans, they make it a habit of answering questions as well as commenting on posts. This gives the person they are interacting with a feeling of belonging or being part of the show.

Consistency and Reliability

“New Heights Podcast” sticks to a regular schedule, putting out new episodes on time. This helps listeners know when to expect fresh content, so they can get ready to listen. Plus, the brothers’ real personalities and jokes make each episode fun. This honesty builds trust with the audience, keeping them coming back for more.0

Fan Community

The show has a loyal following, amusingly referred to as “the 92%ers” due to the high success rate of the quarterback sneak. This nickname has become a brand mark for the show since it represents the humorous and innocent spirit of the program. The fan group is notorious on social media platforms, with fans embracing their own experiences and encounters with the podcast.

Special Events and Meetups

The podcast has several special occasions and gatherings of MTs and SCs throughout the year. One such incident that caught everyone’s attention was the “New Heights Live” concert that was held recently in Kansas City and saw its tickets sell out almost in less than five minutes. New Heights fans wearing the trendy New Heights Green Hat in current shows. The night consisted of recording a live podcast episode at the venue and then having a fan interaction session with the hosts and other NFL players.

Notable Celebrities and Guests

Several guests have been featured in the podcasts, among them Taylor Swift, who is often a guest on this show. Some other celebrities that the ex-boxer often invites to his shows include footballers such as Patrick Mahoney of Kansas and Saquon Barkley of the Giants; besides, there is an opportunity to see musicians like Lil Dicky. These appearances have also helped in the expansion of the podcast by attracting a larger audience to subscribe to it.

New Heights Podcast Conclusion

“New Heights Podcast,” presented by NFL talents Travis and Jason Kelce. Taylor Swift has gained popularity since its debut in 2022. The podcast, which combines humor, sports, and celebrity interviews, has established a loyal audience and achieved amazing success. Its consistent scheduling, engaging content, and authenticity have fostered a loyal listener base.

With lucrative sponsorships, strategic collaborations, and diverse merchandise offerings, the podcast has established multiple revenue streams. Community engagement and high-profile guest appearances further enhance its appeal. As “New Heights” continues to grow and innovate, it is set to remain a standout presence in the podcasting world, inspiring and entertaining listeners globally.

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